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The Core

Our farm is a small boutique farm, run hands-on by farm owners Andrew and Charmaine Haith.

Permanent Staff

Jan Soldaat has grown up on farms, loves farming and is never without a smile and enthusiastic energy. He is Peter’s indispensable right hand man in all the farming operations. In the harvest season Jan moves into the milling room like a grand master, overseeing the vitally important job of pressing the olives fresh off the trees.

Aunt Vessie knows all the secrets of the farm, secret recipes, secret blends. She is a mine of information about other secrets too – the secret life of chickens and goats and sheep and people and on and on.

Jan Soldaat

Aunt Vessie

Jan Soldaat Aunt Vessie

Seasonal Staff

The staff on the farm swells and shrinks according to the seasons. Groups of workers come and go, to harvest the olives, to prune, to fertilise, to sort. Part of the rhythm of the farm. All are local and mostly return season after season. Once the grape harvest is over the olive harvest starts and harvesters move from the vineyards to the olive groves.


Selecting olives



Harvesters Selecting olives Andre Elton

Oom Faan



Oom Faan Shaun Vionica